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Becoming a Successful Team Truck Driver

All recruitment agencies, including TeamJobs, understand that truck driving is crucial to industries like shipping, building and construction, manufacturing, among others. For such companies, production would be futile without reliable truck drivers. For a truck driver, however, this is a source of income; hence, succeeding in their job is not an option.

TeamJobs links employers to potential truck drivers. However, it is up to the truck driver to build a successful career for him or herself. Remember that, as a driver, you will be responsible for various people or entities, including the company, your cargo, the clients, pedestrians and other road users. Your success in truck driving will, thus, be determined by how you conduct yourself and how well you fulfill your duties. Trucking is usually fun and adventurous. To fully benefit from this career, consider the recommendations expressed below

Get Schooled

Becoming a good truck driver requires a passion for driving, coupled with relevant knowledge about the job. Getting good training helps a driver secure a reliable future as a truck driver. This, however, does not require a college degree. Nonetheless, training and licensing are essential.

There are numerous truck driving schools available, through which one can train to be a truck driver. Some companies also have CDL training programs that train their truck drivers. In most recruitment agencies, the drivers with training from credible schools often find employment easily, since employers tend to give them preference.

You ought to find out the best local trucking schools and organizations to train in so as to meet the required trucking standards. Opt for schools that have accreditation from the Department of Transportation. Such schools often extend scholarships, student loans and grants to their students.

Go for trucking schools that offer reliable and quality education, featuring small class sizes, one-on-one training, practical behind-the-wheel classes, with the latest trucks and trucking equipment. It would be a bonus if you enrolled with a school with job placement assistance.

Getting the Job

Truck drivers who flourish in their job can make a decent well-paying career for themselves. The more experience you get, the better your chances of earning a fat paycheck. This is further enhanced by there being a shortage of good truck drivers in most parts of the world.

When getting driving education, consider enrolling in schools that are managed by big trucking companies. Such corporations will source their trucking staff from within these schools. Therefore, one's chances of getting hired are better when training in such institutions.

One may also consider self-employment. If, for instance, you own a truck, you could offer your services for hire. Self-employed truck drivers are, nonetheless, prone to economic downturns. This is primarily because all the risk is shouldered by the trucker. If you choose to go to it as a self-employed truck driver, try to get training in accounting and business management as well.

If it is difficult to secure a trucking job on your own, good placement agencies such as TeamJobs will be of tremendous value. Additionally, do not overlook other recruiters as well as job boards in your quest for a trucking job. Impressive careers are listed in various online job boards. Often, these will be categorized by state or certification, making it easy for a trucker to find the perfect job.

Remaining Safe

As long as you can easily adapt to new environs, and you are enthusiastic on being on the move for long durations, you are a perfect candidate for a trucking job. Nonetheless, you still have to ensure that your career won't be short-lived. Road carnage has often claimed lives of even highly competent drivers who got careless behind the wheel.

Driving a truck offers the driver a high vantage point. This will offer you a decent view of both the road and its users. You can, therefore, have your eye on aggressive road users and consequently protect yourself and even save them from injury or death.

Ensure that there always is appreciable distance between you and the vehicle in front. It is well known among drivers that a bigger truck will take longer to slow down and stop. Some drivers also may pull the sudden stop in front of you. Always be keen to pick out such drivers and subsequently keep enough distance between your truck and their automobiles.

Never head out on a long journey without pre-inspecting your truck. Confirm that the breaks, lights, windshield wipers, horn, tires, oil levels, fuel and other important aspects of your truck are in perfect condition. Check and ensure that your cargo is safely and firmly secured.

Physical fitness is mandatory to be a successful truck driver. Exercise adequately, feed appropriately and have enough rest. Your job will require that you drive for long durations, and being unfit comes with easy fatigability and subsequently reduced output.

Drug and alcohol use are a vicious foe to a truck driver. Besides placing the driver in death's way, using drugs and alcohol when driving will tarnish his or her driving records. Often, drivers will be subjected to drug and alcohol test; failing such test will be putting your career in jeopardy. Besides, by driving intoxicated, you are a danger to everyone else on the road.

Saving Fuel

A truck driver can save fuel by:

  • Not speeding - this increases the aerodynamic drag of the truck. This translates to using more fuel to power the truck.
  • Not idling - proper route planning is beneficial in helping the driver evade traffic jams, which may lead to unnecessary fuel consumption.